Saturday, January 19, 2013


For the last few days, the mornings have been filled with cold fog. I had planned on waiting for some warmer weather to shoot the bike, but I simply could not resist these rare conditions. So this morning, I froze my nads off to get some dramatic shots of my newly completed custom TW200.

Lots of hunting harriers about.
The bike is running pretty good, but I think I need to re-jet the carb. It's also been quite hard to get started, and I'm not sure if that is due to the now uneven air/fuel mixture, or simply due to the extreme cold on my little Anti-Gravity gel battery.  Once the bike warms up, it seems to fire over pretty easier.  At some point, I want to pull of the wiring harness and clean up the front end.  There is just too much coiled up and jammed behind the head light, and with a few Weatherpack connectors and it will look a lot cleaner.  I also think I need to adjust the chain and rear wheel a little, and I still need to come up with something on the tank. Although the straight black is settling in well with me.  At first I didn't like the cheap-o eBay mirrors (like $15) I have on their, but they are growing on me as well.  All in all, I am very happy with the final product. It came out exactly as I envisioned and I cannot wait for some warmer weather!

More soon...


  1. Yes Yes Osaka custom style. me i think your number one FAN. this is great. i actually think that the shot from afar coming in close to the bike is a great one for the intro to the Album. Love the shots man. thanks. the clothing peace is great too. my thought is that you can't do more to the bike to make even more nicer. little maybe. this should be the new stock. you can tell am excited. i will post up my bike pictures so you can see where i will be coming from too. hell maybe i will do the whole documentation just the same. i love the 0119.jpg shot.

  2. Beautiful ride lad, just came to my first bike after 55 years of denying something that seems now fundamental.
    The pix are great, some seem other worldly and the pics at road's end seem almost prophetic. Thanks for sharing Bart, ya done good.

  3. Thanks, guys. The bike definitely came out the way I envisioned, and it is a blast to ride. Been getting a lot of positive comments around town, lots of folks asking me, "what is it?" LOL. Around here its all Harley's, Crotchrockets and dirtcycles. Sadly, there isn't much of a custom scene in Reno where I live, surprising too since there are a lot of younger folks here...

  4. Beautiful, simply beautiful! You can come to S.A and build for me any time ;)

  5. Nice build. Can you do a post that gives the breakdown on cost? e.g.

    Donor = $1000
    Swingarm = $400
    etc, etc

    1. Sure, its been a while since I posted anything. I can tell you that I probably spent about $2200 on top of the cost of the bike when all was said and done. I should be able to access the receipts for some of it and do a post soon.