Sunday, December 30, 2012

K&N Filter Fitted

This was a lot easier than I thought it would be, the kit from Japan comes with instructions for fitting this filter to a TW200, and it came with a little vice that you use with a small metal cylinder to punch a hole in the stock airbox boot for the breather tube.   It also came with a metal ring that you shove over the stock boot so the new filter has something to clamp to.  However, the one problem with adding cone filters like this to the TW200 is they tend to sag over time.  So, I had an idea, and I mocked it up with part of an aluminum can from some tomatoes.

Can you see it?
The arrows point to what I quickly made from a cut out ring of an aluminum tomato sauce can. It was the perfect size to pinch a tab at the top, drill a hole, and zip tie it up so it will never sag.  I am going to make another one and do it a little cleaner, paint it, and put a grommet through the hole I drilled.  Worked out well.

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  1. All to say Tomatoes Sauce cans can have multiple purposes. LOl. Nice improve and am sure it works just fine.