Sunday, December 9, 2012

Made some more good progress today...

Got the gas tank ready today. First thing, was to cut off those useless tabs for holding on ugly plastic crap. One thing I never understood is why most of the customized TW200s I see never had these tabs removed, they just leave them on there, and in my opinion, they need to go.  A quick zip of the cutoff wheel and you are free of the ugly tabs.  Then just clean up the edges a little with a grinder. Done.

I got the edge pretty straight. Straight enough that you will not notice.

Right side tab free.
Blasting took a while. Those decals on the side are VERY thick.
I also removed the useless fearing tabs on the frame.
Altogether, there were three tabs I cut off and ground down.
I also removed the bearings from the wheels. This was easy on the front wheel, and VERY hard on the rear.
This is just so I remember how it goes back in.

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