Friday, December 28, 2012

Some major progress on the black skeleton...

I would say I have a weekend of good work left on it, but I should have the assembly 99% done by the end of 2012, with only minor tweaking to do into 2013.  The blacking out of the frame, the longer swing-arm, the road tires on black wheels, and the overall changes to the front end make the bike look basically nothing like a stock TW200.  Its pretty amazing to see it all come together.

More soon!!!


  1. This is nice. bringing on Osaka style invasion.i am so doing mine up this way. No matter how much and long it will take. and i will learn through the process

    great work man

  2. Thanks, man. Where do you live? Just curious how you found my blog....since it is so new. The build up is pretty easy and not that expensive...

  3. i am in Gatineau Quebec Canada. i found it a while ago after you mentioned about doing up your bike in the TW200 forum. later you can guide me through those parts you got.
    i ve been remembering to visit your blog every month.

  4. Ahhhh, cool man. Yeah, almost all my parts I bought off Webike Japan. Their prices are a little high, but they will ship for free on big orders. Thanks for posting!!

  5. I like the thought of the shock absorber or the whole rear suspension being coloured red. that kind of brings out the sense that something is alive under the machine. you know what i mean. The long rear swing arm brings out a lot more of the sense of stamina in the tw. Thanks for being there.